Wannabe designer

My daughter Joy has graciously allowed me to stage her cabin at Mountain Lakes. I’m hoping it will help her sell it while allowing me to leverage the thousands and thousands of hours (it only seems it, really) that I have spent watching HGTV and DIY.

I purposely went to the cabin alone. With my notebook in hand, I toured the cabin and recorded measurements of windows, chair cushions and beds, easy, inexpensive projects that mainly involve buying or sewing. I indulged myself just a little by listing the projects I would do with an unlimited budget. And more skills than can be learned from watching TV.

That’s where husband Steve (pretty talented as a handyman, simply lacking in motivation at this point in his life—he’d much rather be on the golf course) comes into the picture. He wasn’t invited because he would have found plenty of reasons why the DIY projects can’t be done.  He should know by now that the majority of them will be done. And he will help do them. Or rather, I will help him do them!

I watched a video on replacing the screening in window screens (amazing how easy it looks!) and think I’ll tackle a few windows at the cabin. That way when I get to replacing them at our house I will be an expert. This I can do on my own….I think.

It’s such a cute cabin, it would be so much fun to add my stamp to it before it is sold. Joy hopes that the next time she sees it is for the closing. That’s liberating for a wannabe designer like me as it will be too late for her to complain about my decisions!

Joy doesn’t know that I spent some time there the other morning actually working on my Anne novel. Writing! I know she would be happy that the cabin is serving a purpose even while it is unoccupied. Amazing how a change in environment can get the creative juices flowing. No TV. No telephone or cell service. Nothing to distract me from that blank piece of paper. I wrote a page about Anne doing renovations to an apartment she owns. Next thing you know, I’ll find a way to incorporate cancer into her life……..

Of course, that was before my decision to stage the cabin. Now if I go out there I’ll be compelled to do something besides write. Probably involving a paint brush.

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2 thoughts on “Wannabe designer

  1. Beverly Whalen July 21, 2013 at 10:26 am Reply

    Karen, I love this, but especially the part about writing in the cabin. I have found it to be the greatest place to write, especially on the screened porch. I must say, the only distraction is the bees and bugs invading through those screens (good starting place for wannabe designer). You amaze me with your many talents, therefore, as you are painting and replacing screens, I’m sure as a thought comes to mind, you WILL sit down with your paper and pad in hand and script your thoughts, not just think them. You are such an encouragement to ME and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    One of your biggest fans, Beverly thinking of writing right now…yes, i am going to do it.

    • kwhalen July 22, 2013 at 7:17 am Reply

      I know you will accomplish your dream of finishing your book and getting it published. You don’t need anyone to inspire you–it’s all inside you, ready (and waiting) to be committed to paper, whether you’re at the cabin or riding home to Florida in your RV!!

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