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2014 is MY year

Words for the New Year

Words for the New Year

My wild and fearless daughter, Joy, has challenged her blog (Chakras in the Suburbs) followers to choose a word for 2014 in lieu of setting any New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been pondering my options for a few days now, especially in light of the fact that I already have failed to keep at least one of my New Year’s resolutions—to post on my blog on a regular basis.

A lot has happened since I last posted. I’m in Virginia, for starters. The polar vortex has come and gone–thank goodness. I’ll soon start the final leg of my journey to Arizona. To warmer temperatures-thank goodness. Though I hate to leave my granddaughters after two short weeks, I am excited about visiting Charleston, the Andersonville prison, New Orleans, San Antonio, and El Paso.

Joy chose two words. I’m not certain I can limit myself this year to just two—so many come to mind.

Gratitude: because I am over a year cancer-free and alive and able to enjoy my family, friends, and life. (Even with the problems the mitotane creates.)

Creativity: because I will write this year. Lots and lots of words.

Focus: because I will live in the here and now of whatever I am doing. Drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning. Listening to my granddaughter read her book at bedtime. Riding eight hours a day in the car until we stop for the night on our trip to Arizona…..what’s eight hours anyway when it took us 15 to get to Virginia?

Embrace: because I will open my arms and welcome whatever comes my way—new situations, new people, new feelings.

Fun: because I deserve it. Because I’ve never been very good at it—even with my best friend Judy’s prodding.

Love: because I will work at doing a better job of opening my heart to those who are close to me. For where would I be without them?

Charity: because, even with my ACC, I have so much more in my life than so many others. Compassion, tolerance, kindness, empathy, all fall within this category. Wow! This is definitely going to be the hardest word for me to work on.

Maybe making resolutions is the easy way out after all……

Crying at Wal-Mart

Buying greeting cards used to be just a chore. Inevitably I would be rushing to the store at the last minute to get the cards that needed to go in the mail to Arizona or Virginia and coordinating so that Steve would be able to sign his name and add his smiley face for the grandkids. Now it’s that as well as an embarrassment.

You don’t see too many people in the card aisle at Wal-Mart with tears running down their cheeks. But I’m once again the exception. I never—or hardly ever—buy the humorous cards. Over the years Steve has learned not to buy them for me even though he started our married life thinking that the funny cards were preferable.

As a writer, I am amazed at the high quality of some of the verses in the Hallmark cards and I generally find one that expresses my sentiment accurately. Guess that means that I don’t really have discerning taste as millions of others must also buy the same cards that I do and find them exactly what they were looking for! Ever since my diagnosis I’m reminded by Hallmark that I am going to die, that at some point I will be leaving behind the people that I love, and that I need to let them know how much I love them while I still have the time.

It’s no different than before my diagnosis, after all, I am a mere mortal the same as everyone else in this world. Except it’s real now. I know that I am going to die and so every word that I share with my loved ones needs to ring true.

What if I never have another birthday or Father’s Day or anniversary to tell them how I truly feel? And if that is what I am trying to do, why don’t I take a blank piece of paper or a blank card and write down my feelings without relying on Hallmark to do it for me? I guess if the tears flow easily in the middle of a store what would it be like if I were to create my own greeting card in the privacy of my home?

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